International Roaming

Staying connected with your family and friends while travelling abroad from India is the basic need of every traveller in today’s world. But using an Indian number on International Roaming can be a costly ordeal. Keep in touch with your family and friends with a postpaid SIM card from Matrix. Make calls across the world and save big on your International Roaming bills across 150 countries.

Here is a comparison to show how you can save on International Roaming expenses by using a Matrix SIM Card instead of using your Indian number abroad. For example if you are going to the UK on a 5 day trip, you can save upto 86% on your International Roaming bill.

International Roaming Comparison Chart
International Roaming(per min) Matrix(per min) International Roaming(per 100 mins) Matrix(per 100 mins) SAVINGS
Incoming Calls Rs. 70 FREE Rs. 7000 FREE 100%
Local Calls Rs. 30 Rs. 16 Rs. 3000 Rs. 1600 47%
Outgoing calls to India Rs. 140 Rs. 16 Rs. 14000 Rs. 1600 89%
Total Expenses Rs. 240 Rs. 32 Rs. 24000 Rs. 3200 86%