Postpaid: Data Services on Smartphone

How to save on International Roaming Costs

Today when you travel abroad and use your phone on International Roaming, statistics show that just 30% of your International Roaming bills are used for making voice calls. Whereas International Data Roaming charges such as accessing Emails, Facebook and Twitter comprises a whopping 70% of it. So while you feel that making fewer calls might help you lower your International Roaming bills, sadly that's not the case.

Matrix offers a comprehensive range of data solutions for all travelers when abroad. Using data services on your BlackBerry or Smartphone whilst on International Roaming can be a costly ordeal. Our data plans enable you to stay connected with family and friends back home. Our plans allow you to download unlimited emails, browse the internet and update your status, access Twitter and BBM as many times a day as you want at just 1/10th the cost of International Data Roaming charges.

What makes Data on Smartphones great?

  • Cost effective than using your Indian number for accessing Data
  • Unlimited access to Data at nominal rates
  • Hassle-free internet experience with good connectivity

Expenses of International Roaming Matrix - An inexpensive solution
The free BBM service we all love is only available in your country of residence. The truth is that using BBM abroad can cost you up to Rs. 3000 per day Activate your BlackBerry/data services on your Matrix sim card: At 1/10th the cost of International Roaming data charges, it makes sense to travel abroad with Matrix. You can also enjoy unlimited access to E-mails, Facebook, Twitter & BBM with a Matrix data pack
Checking and downloading emails on your smartphone on International Roaming when abroad can cost as much as Rs. 2325 per day
Updating your status can cost Rs. 52 per status whilst on international roaming
Downloading games on your phone when abroad costs Rs. 8030 per game