Student Solutions

Getting a postpaid mobile connection abroad could be a nightmare for students. They do not have a credit history in their country of stay and could end up paying huge deposits for a local SIM card. Prepaid SIM cards are also inconvenient. Students can avoid all these hassles by taking a Matrix student mobile connection before departure. We also offer special offers for parents going abroad to visit their children.

Benefits of Matrix mobile connections for students:

  • Get the local number of your destination before your departure from India
  • Local postpaid mobile number with competitive tariffs
  • No credit history required
  • Billing in Indian Rupees
  • Payments can be made by the family in India
  • Excellent tariff plans with free talk time
  • Your identity when you are abroad: Give your number to friends, associates and while applying for jobs etc
  • Free itemized bills

The list of benefits does not end here. Students can also enjoy access to Emails, Facebook, Twitter, BBM and much more with Matrix Data packs on their Smartphones.

Matrix student mobile connections are available for students travelling to the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, France and Singapore.

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