UK Student Tariff Terms

  • Free monthly call value includes: local calls within UK to other mobiles and landlines; Local SMS, Calls to India, Voicemail and 0800 Numbers
  • Free monthly call value DOES NOT INCLUDE: 0500 Numbers and International calls to other countries
  • The UK student talk plans do not cover Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man
  • 0800 numbers included in the free call value to be charged at 40 pence/min
  • Matrix add-on packs are valid on all UK student plans
  • Early-termination fee is applicable on all student talk plans. The rental for the balance months will be levied against the same
  • GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) enables advanced, feature-rich data services such as Internet browsing. It is pre-activated on our SIM cards and charges are up to 75 pence/MB or as applicable by network
  • Data will be billed in 10KB increments. All calls will be billed at per minute increment.
  • Premium text is charged extra
  • Change of plan is applicable only from the subsequent bill cycle and not immediately
  • A copy of the customer’s University Offer Letter or a valid student Visa to be submitted at the time of sign-up
  • Other terms and conditions as applicable

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