About VAT

When you travel abroad & incur business expenses, you pay Value Added Tax. You may be able to reclaim the VAT that you paid in the EU/UK if your Company or Business is Registered in India, and the incurred expenses for business use, example

  • Hotel and Accommodation
  • Restaurant Meals
  • Telephone Bills
  • Exhibition, Event and Conference Costs
  • Trade Fairs
  • Marketing and Promotional Costs
  • Car Rental (but please note that you can only reclaim 50% of the VAT charged for hiring or leasing a motor car
  • Petrol / Diesel, and Road Tolls
  • Equipment and Tooling purchases
  • Certain Professional Fees
  • Other Goods and Services that you buy and use in the EU/UK
The claimable amount can be as high as up to 25%.

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