Data Packs: For Your Phone

For Your Phone

Today when you travel abroad and use your phone on International Roaming, statistics show that just 30% of your International Roaming bills are used for making calls only. Whereas using Internet or data on your phone when abroad can be a costly ordeal. Every little status update or WhatsApp message or downloading of emails may comprise a whopping 70% of your International Roaming bills.

Now with a Matrix Data Packs for your phone you can access unlimited emails, browse and download applications. With our customized data plans for your phone you can enjoy unlimited WhatsApp messages, access Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and much more when abroad.

Benefits of a Data Packs for your phone:

  • Access emails, browse and download applications
  • Customized and unlimited data access plans available
  • Activate your data before departure
  • 24x7 Customer Care Support
  • Delivered at your doorstep
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