Forex - Getting Started

Getting Started

How does Matrix Forex card work?

The Matrix Bank Travel card is loaded with foreign currency at the time of purchase in India. You can use the card for cash withdrawal or for shopping at merchant outlets.

With each transaction, the remaining value on the card decreases. You can continue to use your card as long as some funds remain on the card account. Once you return to India, you can reload the Forex card before your next trip.

How does a Matrix Forex Chip Card work?

Following are the step for using a Matrix Forex Chip Card:

  • The cashier dips the Chip Card in the POS terminal.
  • 2The Chip Card must remain in the terminal till the transaction is completed.
  • If the merchant accidentally swipes the card at the place of dipping the card, the terminal will automatically identify it as a Chip Card. The terminal will force the cashier to dip Chip Card in to card reader instead of doing a swipe.
  • If the POS terminal does not have Chip facility, the card can be used for normal magnetic stripe swipe on the POS terminal.
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