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Getting Started

What prechecks are important to carry out in my Tablet PC before using a Tablet Internet SIM?

The Tablet PC must not be carrier locked. If this is the case then Tablet PC will not detect any SIM other than those belonging to original carrier.

Apn Settings

What is APN

APN stands for Access Point Name. The APN defines the network path for all internet connectivity. Incorrect settings may result in a loss of functionality or features and may result in additional charges. Contact your carrier to verify the correct APN settings.

Other Faq’s

I am not getting carrier signals at the status bar of my Tablet PC

  • Try to register a carrier manually.


I have lost my Matrix Android Tablet SIM

You can contact our customer support at or +91 9811288888. Alternatively, you should also inform the concerned sales executive, so that it can be suspended with immediate effect to prevent any possible unauthorised usage. In case any unauthorised usage occurs and if Matrix is not intimated about the loss of the internet card in time, the amount will be billed to the user.

  • +91 9811288888