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Complete travel solutions for Matrix SIM card users in Australia

Australia is an incredible tourist spot. Every year, people from all around the globe flock here to witness the magnificent grasslands, deserts, mountains, pristine white sand beaches, oceans, botanical gardens and national parks and experience the various cuisines and the great nightlife. Australia is not only known for its scenic beauty but also for its state-of-the art educational institutions.

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Australia Travel Guide


Australia's landmass of 7.69 million km2 (square kilometers) is on the Indo-Australian Plate. Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, it is separated from Asia by the Arafura and Timor seas, with the Coral Sea lying off the Queensland coast, and the Tasman Sea lying between Australia and New Zealand. The world's smallest continent and sixth largest country by total area, Australia—owing to its size and isolation—is often dubbed the "island continent", and is sometimes considered the world's largest island.

Country Climate:

The majority of Australia experiences temperate weather for most of the year. The northern states of Australia are typically warm all the time, with the southern states experiencing cool winters but rarely sub-zero temperatures. Snow falls on the higher mountains during the winter months, enabling skiing in southern New South Wales and Victorian ski resorts, as well as the smaller resorts in Australia's island state, Tasmania.

Official Language:

Australia has no official language; English has always been entrenched as the national language. According to the 2011 census, English is the only language spoken in the home for close to 81% of the population. The next most common languages spoken at home are Mandarin (1.7%), Italian (1.5%), Arabic (1.4%), Cantonese (1.3%), Greek (1.3%), and Vietnamese (1.2%).

Country Currency:

  • Australian dollar (AUD)

Major Cities:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Gold Coast-Tweed
  • Newcastle
  • Canberra

Major Attractions (Travellers/Students):

Australia is one of the biggest travel destinations in the world. The country is filled with incredible natural beauty in the form of Uluru, the Outback, rainforests, pristine white sand beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef. Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House are iconic man made wonders and Melbourne’s café culture will make you feel like you are in Europe.

Five must-visit tourist attractions in Australia:

  • Uluru (Ayer’s Rock)
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Fraser Island
  • Daintree
  • Gold Coast

Stay Connected:

The country code for Australia is 61 and the international call prefix is 00, while the exit code for making any international calls from Australia is 0011.

Emergency assistance:

The emergency number for police, ambulance or fire brigade is 000.

Travel tips for Australia:

  • There are no service charges in hotels and restaurants – people usually tip waiters up to 10 per cent of the bill. Tipping is a matter of choice.
  • Tourists can claim for the GST paid on goods purchase of AUD$300 or more in one store within 30 days of departing.
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  • The Australian three-pin power outlet is different from some other countries, so carry an adapter (Country’s electrical current is 220-240 volts, AC 50Hz).

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