iPhone - APN Settings

APN Setting

What is APN

APN stands for Access Point Name. The APN defines the network path for all cellular data connectivity. Incorrect settings may result in a loss of functionality or features and may result in additional charges. Contact your carrier to verify the correct APN settings.

APN setting in iPhone

  • You can view the APN settings on your iOS device in the following location if it's permitted by your carrier:
  • iPhone: Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network
  • iPad: Settings > Cellular Data > APN

If there is no option to change APN on your Iphone then it needs to be installed VIA link

Here are the updated APN unlocker settings for iPhone 4/4s & 5

  • Connect to WIFI.
  • Open Safari on IPhone.
  • Type the below mentioned link
  • Go to http://rajputexports.com/APN2/UK.mobileconfig
  • You will get the ping to verify the Profile.
  • Install that profile.
  • Cellular data & Roaming should be ON.
  • Switch off Wifi.
  • Switch off and on the phone and test for internet services

Click on Install now , post the Installation is completed. After clicking on done, re-start your iPhone. Your phone should now be working with the new APN settings. WIFI to be turned off

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